Genetic testing is a medical test that examines any changes in the genes, chromosomes, or proteins. Genetic testing is used likely to determine if a person has genetic condition/disease or likely to get a disease with a variety of laboratory techniques. This testing needs DNA from an affected family member for comparison. Since each person's DNA is special, genetic tests are also used for individual identification.

       Between 1879 and 1882, Walther Flemming was discovering chromosomes (DNA), which is the study in genetics. Around 1902, inherited disease were linked to chromosomes, following a number of other genetic disorders that were found. In 1950, a number of discoveries were made about the nature of DNA. It included the DNA bases and how they worked in pairs, like the structure of the DNA molecule.

       During the 1960s and 1970s, other discoveries have been made in the genetic testing history. In 1975, there was a discovery about a method to isolate and analyze the DNA fragments. This now known as the "Southern Blot Analysis" and is also used in genetic testing. In 1983, the Cetus Corporation discovered the PCR method of DNA analysis, which is now a popular method for genetic testing. Today, genetic testing is now becoming more and more popular.

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